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Boarding Fees

We aim to offer a competitive pricing system with exemplary service.
All prices below are per calendar day charges including VAT.

Dog Boarding Prices

Valid from 15 April 2023

Small Dog


Small breed dogs up to Cocker Spaniel.
e.g. Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Highland Terrier

Medium Dog


Mid-sized breed dogs.

Large Dog


Large breed dogs over the size of a Labrador.
e.g. German Shepherd, Rottweiler

Dogs Sharing Boarding Prices

Valid from 15 April 2023

2 Small Dogs


Small and Medium Dogs


2 Medium Dogs


2 Large Dogs


Three and four dog sharing is also available in limited quantity and is charged at £47.50 for three, and £54.00 for four, regardless of dog size.
There is limited availability, so please book early.

Cat Boarding Prices

Valid from 15 April 2023

Single Cat


Two Cats Sharing


Three Cats Sharing


Boarding Prices


Prices shown include standard kennel food appropriate for animal size and age.


Prices shown include VAT.


When required a £2 surcharge will be added to the daily charge to cover the additional cost.


Morning drop-off will attract a full day charge. Afternoon drop-off will be half-day charge.


Morning collection will attract a half-day charge. Afternoon collection will be a full-day charge.


Payment for your pet's stay can be made using cash, credit/debit card or via BACS transfer.

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