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Secure Agility and Exercise Arena

Branscombe Kennels have fenced a previous horse arena and created a secure dog exercise arena available from January 2021.
We have also provided some basic agility equipment which can be used for exercise or training purposes depending on your requirements.
The arena is available in half-hour, 1 hour or multiple hour bookings.
Please get in touch if you have any questions or wish to make a booking.


1/2 Hour  -  £7.50

1 Hour  -  £12.50*

Over 1 Hour  -  Contact Us for Best Price

* Discounts available for repeat 1 hour bookings.

Equipment Overview

An example of the agility equipment in the arena.

We wanted to provide visitors with some stimulating activities to try out, so have a selection of equipment for use. This selection is also reviewed and additions and changes are planned throughout the year. Let us know if there is something you would like to see and use.
If you need more space, a lot of the equipment can be moved as required to allow for longer runs or obedience work.


We have wooden jumps of different sizes and adjustable heights. Jumps are lightweight so will not cause injury if run into.
These can also be moved into different arrangements to meet your requirements.

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We have a variety of tyres for jumping over, hiding in, jumping in and using as markers for exercises.

Tunnels and Hoops

We have two tunnels for them to run through, one with a chute and one without.
There is also a lightweight plastic hoop which is height adjustable, for jumping activities.

P1000028 (2).JPG
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Storage and Seating

We have also provided a bench for a rest from the frantic running, and a water resistant chest to store your personal items in.
A water trough for the dogs to use is also available and refreshed regularly.

Conditions Of Use

  • Report any damages, breakages or problems with the equipment immediately after the session

  • The wellbeing and behaviour of your dog(s) is your responsibility

  • Dog(s) should be kept on lead at all times when not in the arena

  • Remove all litter and dog mess from the arena to the bin provided

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