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Chihuahua Shopping

Branscombe Kennels Shop

Dog and Cat Food

After some time in the creation, we now have an area where we are able to sell the brands that we use on a daily basis for our guests.

Please remember we are also listening to our customer feedback and suggestions, so this list will be updated as the range evolves to meet the requirements of our customers.


What’s in Stock

Dry Dog Food

Large and Small Bags Available

We currently have seven brands available for sale in the shop, as detailed below:
James Wellbeloved
Bakers Complete
Alpha Sensitive
Laughing Dog

Canned Dog Food

Multi-Packs or Single Cans

We currently have three brands available for sale, as detailed below:
Chappie (Loaf)
Butchers Tripe

Raw Meat

Albion Meat Products

We are now stockists for the Albion Standard Range of raw meat products for dogs that come in eight varieties, and can source any of the other Albion products for you to purchase at competitive rates.

Wet Meat Trays


We use Forthglade grain-free in the kennel and are now offering this for sale in individual trays or 18-pack boxes.

Dog Treats

Biscuits etc.

At the moment we are selling dog biscuits by weight and have packets of small treats from Pedigree. We are looking to expand this range over the coming weeks.

Accessories & Toys

Non-Food Items

We are planning to introduce a small range of non-food items, mostly useful walking and travel accessories for dogs, such as leads and waste collection bags. We will also be stocking some cat accessories too.

Cat Food Pouches

Bulk Packs of Pouches

We currently have three brands of cat food pouches available for sale, as detailed below:

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